Types of Guitar?

Discussion in 'Guitar' started by tonyb, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. tonyb

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    Does anyone know the different types or make of guitar in the market. I would like to go for a regular or maybe universal used guitar but have no knowledge of the different make.
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    You mean types? There are three types of guitars: classical, acoustic and electric. The former one is the most common and it's probably the easiest for a begginer, the nylon strings definitely help at the starts. The acoustic guitar is pretty decent, although as a newbie you're going to notice every mistake you make and every plucked string since they're not muted as easily as on an electric guitar, which coupled with an amp is probably your best bet as someone that hasn't played the guitar before.
    Best guitar makers in the lower-end spectrum: Takamine, Fender, Epiphone.
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    This comment may not be directly related but this thread reminds me of the Spanish guitar with 12 strings. I was a teenager that time when I handled that kind of guitar. And using a pick for strumming, the guitar gives a magical sound. It was owned by a friend who plays in an amateur orchestra. I really enjoyed tinkering with that guitar until I learned that it was so difficult to tune it because of the 12 strings. But it is played like an ordinary guitar using 6 strings for the chords.
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    Thank you Dustin for the post. This is a useful information for me. Really I'm looking to get some musical instruments in my house, kind of added home theatre. I know have a better of the different guitars out there.
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    What kind of music do you want to learn how to play? That should be the first question.
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