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  1. Decentlady

    Decentlady Member

    How costly can a guitar be? New vs second hand? Which is better to invest in for a starter?

    Can such instruments be hired online?
  2. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    I don't exactly remember the month when I bought my new guitar from the music store in one big mall here. The store was having a big sale on that day and the prices will be cut to 50% after 8pm on that day only. You can guess that I went back to that store and was able to buy a new guitar not only at 50% discount but at a cheap cost of only $10. I had to shell some more for the bag. As I had posted in another thread, that new guitar is resting in our stock room, waiting for me to use it. So busy these day, huh.
  3. TheKnight

    TheKnight Member

    If you purchase a good-quality guitar from an instrument store, you can expect the cost to exceed 100 dollars in the USA because that's what I've seen and especially if they're created in the shop. That is for a new one.

    For a used one that isn't too beat up, it can usually go for 40 to 60 dollars in stores and for people who are selling them at yard sales, expect them between 10 to 20 dollars.
  4. Decentlady

    Decentlady Member

    That is an awesome difference! How durable are those obtained through yard sale or second hand?

    We don't have any shops which make and sale guitars otherwise I believe they would have been a lot cheaper.

    There us only shop which sells the guitar but it is extremely costly.
  5. TheKnight

    TheKnight Member

    It depends on where the original owner bought it or had it crafted. It also depends on the condition they have it. If it's crafted well, they can last years even if it's a used one. You can also polish it and clean it up so that it could last longer. Yard sales just tend to be cheaper because they NEED the cash urgently or don't want the item.
  6. Grungie

    Grungie New Member

    You can get crappy starter guitars for $100, which isn't too bad to learn, but the fact that they don't stay in tune very well and break means you need to spend a couple hundos on them.
  7. Jason

    Jason Member

    There are decently priced ones and the ones that are absolutely cheap - as in price and quality.

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