Amazon has them.

Discussion in 'Mandolin' started by Decentlady, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. Decentlady

    Decentlady Member

    Looking for a mandolin? Amazon has a wide variety at good prices. No, I am not advertising for the instrument or Amazon but I was just looking for them and stumbled upon the site and thought music lovers in here might benefit from it.

    Do you own a mandolin?
  2. kamai

    kamai Member

    No I don't own one but I will be looking into it now. I was never interested on playing it but now you mentioned where they are sold I am going to look at the prices. Thank you for the information.
  3. efrain

    efrain New Member

    I do not own one, but my father used to own one at some point in his early life. It was my grandmother's. They used to make them quite differently back then and call them something different. I can't recall the name.
  4. pwarbi

    pwarbi New Member

    I don't own a mandolin either, and I don't know anyone that does to be honest. While this is also going to sound like an advertisement for Amazon, whenever I'm looking at buying anything the first place I always look is Amazon as they tend to stock pretty much anything and everything. You don't have to buy the item your after from there, and more often than not I just use t more as a research tool to see what is available and read the ratings as to what model is the best.

    With a mandolin I'm guessing that there won't be all that much difference but if we're talking about other instruments such as an electric guitar, then the quality can vary dramatically from one brand to another.
  5. Jason

    Jason Member

    Lots of online music stores exist. You don't have limit yourself to Amazon. However, it's sad for the mom and pop store.:(, or is it?
  6. to7update

    to7update Member

    What do you mean @Jason, it's sad for the mom and pop store?

    I think that mandolins are not very common instruments, but they are easy to find, considering we are looking for them. Amazon is a general retailer and has it, as you mention, so any specialized music store will have it as well.

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